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Covid "Catch-up" Premium Funding

In July 2020, the government announced a one-off universal catch-up premium of £80 per pupil (counted from the October 2019 census) for the 2020-2021 academic year to ensure that schools have the support they need to help pupils make up for lost teaching time.


How it is intended that the grant will be spent

The deployment of funds from the 'Catch-up Premium' grant will be spent in a number of ways to close any attainment gap that exists following the reduced provision (March to July 2020). These include, but are not exclusive to, the following:

· The school has increased its teaching total time by approximately 0.2 FTE. The full increase has been allocated to support pupil catch-up over this academic year. Whilst it is not clear whether there will be further funding available to continue this, we are committed to improving the outcome for children who have lost out during the pandemic. We are using this to provide individual and small group sessions.

· Training and materials for teachers to support the wellbeing of pupils.

· Paying for staff CPD (both teachers and support staff) in order to increase the effectiveness of planning and catch-up programmes.

· Purchase of resources (e.g. SHINE materials from Rising Stars to provide “catch-up” lesson materials, and extra reading books) to support curriculum provision.


How the effect of this expenditure on the educational attainment of those pupils at the school will be assessed

·We will use our whole-school monitoring programme, including analysis of assessment information, teaching and learning monitoring and subject scrutinies, to identify any 'gaps', and progress towards them will be monitored by the class teachers and Leadership Team so that we can evaluate the effectiveness of our approach.

Pupil Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our Pupil Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

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