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Wraparound Childcare and Afterschool Clubs.

From September 2024

At Launton CE Primary School we have further strengthened or wraparound childcare provision by providing breakfast club and after school care for children who attend our school from Nursery to Year 6. The Breakfast Club operates in the school hall from 7.45am and After School Care operates in Cherry Class until 6pm.

Our wraparound childcare is run by school staff the atmosphere is friendly, happy and secure.

Our goals

The ethos of wraparound childcare is for it to be ‘relaxed and fun’ in a safe and comfortable environment. The emphasis is on play as this is the most natural way that children learn about themselves and the world around them. At Breakfast Club there is a wide range of games, books and colouring for all ages. At After School Care children will be encouraged to take part in physical activities outside, weather permitting, and will also be able to choose from a wide range of games and themed activities indoors for all ages. Children can complete their homework during this time, if they wish to do so. We follow the DfE ‘Wraparound childcare: guidance for schools and trusts in England February 2024’, and ‘Guidance School Food in England’

Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club will start at 7.45am and children who are booked in can be dropped off at any time from 7.45am onwards, using the main entrance to school to access the school hall. Children in Year groups below Year 5 must be registered with a member of staff before the person who drops the child off leaves. A range of activities will be offered to the children. A healthy breakfast will be served until 8.20am; food will not be served after this point to allow staff time to clear food and clean before the start of the day. The breakfast menu will include cereal (lower sugar options), toast with a range of spreads (50/50 bread), bagels, crumpets, fruit, water and milk.

Nursery Children will be collected from Breakfast Club by a member of staff and taken to their classroom at 8.30am. At 8.40am the children will line up outside the hall in class lines, at 8.45am as the bell rings the Reception children will be taken to their classroom by a member of staff and the remaining children will join their class line as it passes the hall.

Afterschool Care

After School Care will run as two sessions –

First Session – 3.15-4.15pm

Second Session – 4.15-6pm

Children from Nursery and Reception who are booked into After School Care will be collected from their classroom at the end of the day by a member of After School Care Staff and taken to Wraparound care. For children Year 1 and above as each class line passes the Cherry Class door a member of After School Care staff will request the children who are booked in. On arrival the children will be checked in on the register.

Children who will be attending after school care for the second session only, following attending an Activity Afterschool Club will be taken to Wraparound care by the member of staff running the club.

During both sessions a range of activities will be offered to the children.

During the first session children will be offered a drink and fruit. During the second sessions a light tea will be served, for example, wraps, sandwiches, beans on toast along with fruit.

Children can be collected from After School Care by ringing the buzzer at the back gate. Children can be collected anytime during the session they are booked in for up until 6pm.

The parent/carer collecting a child is required to sign the child out before they leave, including stating the time of collection. Children may only be collected by an adult who is on the child’s authorised collectors list. School must be informed in advance if someone who is not listed on the authorised collectors list is to collect the child. Staff will contact the main parent/carer if they have any concerns regarding collection of children, and will not release a child if there is any doubt.

Example Menu – (All food is served with salad)

Week A


Cheese on Toast


Wraps with a choice of fillings


Hot dog in a roll


Crumpets with a choice of toppings


Pitta with a choice of fillings


Week B


Sandwich with a choice of fillings


Beans on Toast


Pitta with a choice of fillings


Pizza Toast


Tomato Soup



Breakfast Club is charged at £5 per child, per session.

After School Care is charged per session the first session 3.15-4.15pm is charged at £6 per child and the second session 4.15-6pm is charged at £7 per child.

The full charge is applicable for all bookings and charges will not be adjusted for parents dropping off or picking up their child part way through the session times.

If your child is booked in for the first session only and they are not picked up promptly by 4.15pm you will be charged for the second session.

A late fee of £25 per hour (or part hour) will be chargeable if parents arrive after 6pm to collect their child; this is to cover additional staff costs.


Sessions of Breakfast Club and Afterschool Care need to be booked in advance via ScoPay (the schools online cashless system). Breakfast Club Sessions can be booked, changed or cancelled via ScoPay up until midnight 2 days before (For example to book the Wednesday you will need to have booked by midnight on the Monday of the same week).

After School Care sessions can be booked, changed or cancelled via ScoPay up until midnight the day before.

Places are offered on a first-come, first served basis; there are limited spaces at each session, so booking is essential.

Please find a link below for ScoPay user guides for parents.

To book Breakfast and After School Care ScoPay Accounts need to be credited before you are able to make a booking.

Payments can be made by Childcare vouchers or the Tax-Free Childcare Scheme; however, payment cannot be made directly through ScoPay. Please follow the procedure below.

The process for booking with childcare vouchers is as follows:

  1. Parent/Carer make a payment through their provider, ensuring the child’s/children’s name is quoted in the reference field.
  2. Parent/Carer emails the school office to inform them that a payment has been made stating the child’s name, amount transferred and how they would like it credited to the account.
  3. The school will allocate the voucher payment accordingly to the child’s/children’s accounts once the payment has been received.
  4. Parent/Carer will then be able to book sessions required.

Please note: Extended day care accounts must be in credit before any bookings can be made.

Emergency Bookings

We understand that there may be occasions when a booking may be requested at short notice, please contact the school office to enquire whether a space is available and to make your booking. A £3 per child, per session late booking fee will be applied for all bookings taken after the booking deadline.


Cancellations may be made up until the booking deadline on ScoPay without charge. If cancelling on the day of the session, please contact the school office. There will be no charge for cancelling the first session if a child is absent from school due to illness. Parents/Carers will be responsible for cancelling future sessions through ScoPay, should the child continue to be ill. Cancellation for any other reason on the day of the session, will be charged at full rate. If a child does not attend a session, no refund will be provided.

Late cancellations may deprive another child of a place and will cause significant work for school staff, so we would ask Parents/Carers to avoid this if at all possible.

Arrivals and Registration

The safe arrival and departure of the children is paramount. Daily registers are produced for each session of Breakfast Club and After School Care.



Breakfast Club and After School Care follow the schools Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy (available on the school website).

School Policies

Breakfast Club and After School Care follow all other relevant school policies

Afterschool Activity Clubs

Throughout the year we offer a variety of different after school clubs between the end of school and 4.15pm and the cost of these varies depending on the club and the number of weeks for which it will run. Information about these clubs will be sent out in the communication email in advance of the start of each half term. The type of clubs we offer include: Gymnastics, Multi-Skills, Basketball, Gardening and Art.

All clubs are booked via Scopay.

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