Growing in learning, growing in character, growing community.

Welcome to Launton Church of England Primary School.

This is what our pupils say about our school

Our school is a place where we have the courage to make a difference: where we learn to look after each other and our environment.

Our school is a place where we are honest and truthful and where we do good things even when nobody sees. We are friendly and welcoming, inclusive, kind and polite. We do  not give up when things are difficult.

Our school is a place where we can think and talk about our ideas and discuss big questions, express ourselves, be creative and excited, be safe, supported and challenged.

Message from the Headteacher

We are a small, friendly and growing school which values and promotes the partnership with parents and the wider community for the benefit of the children. 

The school first opened in 1839. Three of our classrooms are in the original stone Victorian building. The school stretches back, unseen from the road, with additional buildings housing three more classrooms and a large state-of -the art hall for gymnastics etc. plus School House, a charmingVictorian building where the office staff and head teacher are based.

Our experienced and dedicated team of teachers and assistants provide a nurturing and caring learning environment. Every child is encouraged and supported to achieve their full potential. We recognise the special contribution each child makes to our learning community. Our job is to pro-
vide the best possible opportunities for them to shine in their own individual way.

We work to promote in children the positive dispositions and attitudes that will enable them to become independent and life long learners. We have high expectations for what every child can achieve. They are helped to believe in their own ability and to find ways to become effective learners. We encourage and respond to the voice of the children, involving and consulting them about their learning and development.

If you have any questions about the school and what we can offer your child please get in touch.

Jane Paterson

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