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Dear Parents, Grandparents and Carers

Beech Class report that they had an amazing time yesterday in the company of the world -renowned author, Julia Donaldson, and the children are continuing to hum the tunes this morning.

Lolly Friday - thank you! You raised £50.79 last week

Thank you for your incredible support. Yes, it is back again this week by popular demand in the playground at 3.15 this Friday.

Last week we sold an amazing 145 lollies which was an all- time record. We have 12 weeks to go till end of the school year so could generate a further £500 to £600 for the field project if you support us with your 50 pence whatever the weather... Thank you. Who would have thought 50 pence could turn into such a large amount of money?

There is a fabulous amount of enthusiasm around the field project; thank you for this. As promised at the EGM there will be two meetings to get thoughts and ideas on fundraising events. For inclusivity, one will be in the evening, for those working all day and one around school pick up time for those that can make that.

They are as follows:

- 3rd May at 7.30 p.m. venue School Hall

- 8th May at 2.15 p.m. venue school hall or staff room

Feel free to attend either meeting, if only for a few minutes. If you can't make either one then please feel free to email ideas to Mark Williams at Chair@friendsoflaunton.co.uk . We want you to feel really engaged with this very important work for our children and have a little fun along the way. Ideas from the recent survey monkey will be incorporated.

Have a lovely weekend,

Best wishes

Jane Paterson and the staff team

More fantastic news from Friends

Grant applications - brilliant progress

The Grant Gurus (parents working behind the scenes to get us money) have submitted an application for £1500 this week for topic books and workshop funds to make books and learning an even more exciting experience for our children. Thank you: a lot of hidden work which we appreciate, thanks to Cathy Spinage and Andrea Williams for this. Next up applications for field project funds one for £5k and £30k. Exciting stuff indeed. So fingers crossed. We will be drawing up further design plans for these grants to share with you shortly, very exciting!

Just giving page - opening a whole new world of opportunity

Now we have charity status and the benefits of gift aid relief we are now set up on Just Giving. So, if anyone wants to do a sponsored run, walk, skip whatever we can create a page for the event and get gift aided donations set up for email and Facebook distribution. This opens a whole new world for us. We have two parents already volunteering to do a 100k walk (Kenny Naidu Johnson) for the field project and a parent (Neil Greig) who will run the Chicago Marathon for our school. Just giving will help us to support them by allowing us to sponsor people easily. We will involve the children too. Watch this space for more. If you want to do an event for us please contact Mark Williams at Chair@friendsoflaunton.co.uk :we can get the whole school behind you.

Sssssssh don't tell the year 6's

We are underway for final year celebrations preparation before the children move to secondary school. Many thanks to Vicky Brooks and Wendy Parker who will be coordinating what we are getting up to (on the quiet) with the parents, carers and guardians of year 6 children. They will be reaching out to you to make sure that we ensure this is a marvellous celebration for the children and probably a bit of a tear jerker for teachers and parents!

Wow a lot of really positive things going on. Thank you to all for your tremendous support and encouragement.

Please find below links to this week's letters and some updates and reminders. All of these letters are on the school website under recent letters.

Kind Regards

Kirsty Staker

Important updates and reminders

Dates for the Diary -

• Class Photography's - Tuesday 8th May

• KS2 Sats - Monday 14th May 2018- Friday18th May 2018

• Year 6 Kwik Cricket Festival - Friday 18th May 2018

• Year 6 Cycling Proficiency starts - Friday 25th May 2018

• KS2 Educational Visit to Waddesdon Manor (more information to follow) - Wednesday 6th June 2018

• Launton Fete - Saturday 9th June 2018, Launton School Cheerleaders will be performing at the start of the fete (more information to follow)

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