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School Dinners

Since September 2016 Launton Primary School have been having their school dinners provided by Fresh Start Catering.

Fresh Start Catering provide school meals designed to offer the children something tasty and exciting as well as being nutritious, fresh and healthy. Fresh Start Catering use fresh produce, daily. Therefore need to know in advance the numbers for each meal so they can order the lovely locally sourced, fresh ingredients and make sure they cook what has been ordered to perfection for each child.


Fresh Start have a bespoke ordering system called Meal Manager which lets you order and pay securely for meals online.

You can order for the whole term, a few weeks or just a week at a time and they offer the flexibility of ordering any day of the week. Just choose between 1 and 5 meals per week on any day and click confirm. If you pay for your child's meals they use a secure system with Sagepay to do this.

The first time you go to order meals you will need your child's unique pupil ID and pupil password which will of been sent out by school to each child.

To order follow this quick step by step guide:

  • Register using your email address and choose your own password
  • Claim your child using their Pupil ID and Pupil password (if you have multiply children at school you will need to claim each child using their unique ID and password).
  • Choose your meals, making sure you have chosen all the days you require.
  • Confirm and make payment, if you need to pay.
  • The next time you log in you will just need to log in using your email address and the password you set.


You will need to ensure that meals are ordered by the deadline which is the Tuesday the week before for meals your child may wish to have. At the start of term the deadline for the first week may be different and information regarding this deadline will be sent home.


Menus change every full term with Autumn, Spring and Summer Menus. The current menu can be found following the link below.

Theme Days

Fresh start do different fun, Theme Days every half term! The special menus for these days can also be viewed on the website. A letter or email will be sent out to advise you of the different Theme Days each half term.


If at any time you have any queries about the meals, are unable to log in, would like to make changes to your order or know your child is going to be absent on a day you have paid for a meal then contact fresh start directly and they will be able to help.

Fresh Start can be contacted by -

Phone - 01280 848261

Ordering Deadlines and Useful Links

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