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Support your Child's Learning

Reading, Phonics and Spelling.

Phonics Guide for Parents


To help children with their spelling we have provided you with some lists of key words and some words that may be linked to spelling patterns that your child will be learning each week. Learning to spell new words is more successful if children practise regularly, little and often. Your child will bring home spellings each week and these lists are available if you would like to work on additional spellings at home. We have also included a blank template for practise.

In school we test the children weekly and ensure that the children are then spelling new words in their writing and not just in the test. This shows that the patterns and their application has been learnt and that children are building a bank of high frequency and tricky words that they use frequently in their writing and can spell accurately.

Please speak to your child's class teacher if you have any further questions about spellings or how you can support your child at home.

Spelling Lists


Reading regularly at home with your child is very important, both you reading to them and listening to them. It will increase their vocabulary, develop their understanding and enhance their enjoyment of books. Please find some leaflets below that will help you support your child's reading.

Helping your child to read

Supporting your child with French and other languages

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